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01 Jan 2011

Gilliland & Associates partners with SC Department of Education for Haitian Relief Effort

State and local companies are seeking funds and preparing for student led program to construct small houses in Haiti.

Greenville, SC – 01 Jan 2011  Pending final approval from the Haitian president, students from SC high school building classes will design, develop, and fabricate homes for the homeless of Haiti. Under the tutelage of construction and design industry professionals, students will gain hands-on-learning and skill development while promoting the concepts of academic service-learning. Architects from Gilliland and Associates will donate time, services, and instruction relative to the high efficiency and solar aspects of the design phase.  Several other companies will also donate services in regards to student training and design implementation.

The State Department of Education is seeking funds for construction of the houses. State officials are developing working networks with large private corporations as state school budgets have been cut across the board. The state education department lists the goals of the program as follows:

  1. 1.Provides housing for the haitians in need.

  2. 2.Teaches a student to give back and help others

  3. 3.Provides materials for students to learn building construction.

  4. 4.Builds new and original partnerships between organizations and establishes networks for future and similar endeavors.

“With a project of this magnitude, it is imperative to form partnerships to provide the resources necessary to help the haitian people in their time of need,” said Jim Spencer of the South Carolina Department of Education. Please contact if interested: (803)466-0100

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