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SOLAR ATTIC Space Heating System

The SOLAR ATTIC Space Heating System is an Integrated Solar Package which features innovative design for the ultimate in comfort and  convenience for both domestic hot water heating and space heating  systems.

Unlike other solar heating  systems on the market today, our system combines sophistication,  reliability, low cost and maximum performance without affecting the  aesthetic qualities of residential or commercial design.

Gone are odd-shaped rooflines, vast expanses of South windows and obtrusive solar equipment. The only evidence of a Solar "AlR" Collector Design is the flush-mounted glazing on a portion of the South-facing roof which resembles a large skylight.

The Solar "AlR" Collector system was developed through extensive research and is sized to provide 100% heating for both the space and water in the commercial or residential  environment. Users gain valuable independence from ever-escalating fuel  costs and a sense of pride that arises from conserving our natural  resources without giving up space heating comforts.



The Space Duct Heating System is a forced-air type that operates very much like a conventional  forced-air duct system. 

A portion of the south facing roof is used as a  solar "AIR' collector by attaching a specially selected glazing material  to rafters instead of wood sheathing and shingles.  



Designed to automatically control the  collection, storage, and distribution of solar "AIR" heat by means of  sensors in the collector and living area. By continually monitoring these sensors, the controller selects the optimum mode of operation and maintains the desired temperature.

Back-up heat systems are  selected only when the collector and storage heat are depleted. The  back-up heating may be any available source of heat including  electrical, gas, oil, etc... and incorporated In the air handler for  distribution when the Solar "AIR" is depleted from the storage



The Solar "AIR" Collector Glazing is designed for the surface area needed for the heated space and  attached directly to the rafters replacing the sheathing and  conventional roofing.

The glazing is a double  layer of greenhouse fiberglass reinforced clear panel (FRP) which allows  the appropriate amount of radiation (SUNLIGHT) to enter the Solar "AIR" Collector and converts the short wave radiation into long wave heat to be used  directly into the space to be heated or stored for later use. 



Thermal storage is a designed space and is located within the structure. 

Washed #4 railroad ballast are used & contained within an insulated space such as a cubical ( 6’ x 6’ x 7" )  in a basement layout.  



The Solar "AIR" Collector "AIR" Handler for any type of back-up heating source includes  individual motorized dampers, a back-up electric duct heater and  instructions on interfacing the house coil of air conditioner or heat  pump backup.

Mounting can be vertical or  horizontal and located in the basement, closet, or storage area.  Collectors are pre-assembled, ready for installation and include a  one-year warranty. Maintenance consists of changing filters periodically  and oiling the motor once a year. 



The Solar Attic heating System has been  designed as an integral part of the building structure from construction  phase to completion.

As  one of the least expensive systems solar heating systems available,  additional cost is estimated at $15,000 for a 1500 square foot building.